Chocolate Fondue – Two Delicious Recipes

Are you an old pro when it comes to making delicious desserts? Do your guests rave about your cakes and pies? The next time you have company over for dessert, why not try something different. Chocolate fondue has been in and out of fashion since the seventies and most people have tried it at least once. But if you want to try something new and exciting There are many different dessert fondues out there to satisfy just about anyone with a sweet tooth.

Recently dark chocolate has been in the news being declared as a new heart healthy food. Dark chocolate retains more flavonoids that other varieties of chocolate such as milk chocolate, white chocolate, cocoa or chocolate syrup. New research has also determined that eating a diet high in flavonoids helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Obviously this doesn’t mean that you should run to the store to buy some candy bars. But it does mean that when eaten in moderation, dark chocolate can be a healthy choice as a dessert.

And whether is good for you or not, who can resist a fondue pot of hot melted chocolate just waiting for your to dip something into it. What better way to enjoy strawberries, bananas and other ripe fruits. But don’t stop there. Be sure to try dunking some salty treats into the chocolate such as pretzels and potato chips. Mixing sweet and salty foods creates a unique flavor that you are sure to enjoy.

So not only is chocolate delicious, but it is now considered a heart healthy food as well. Those are some excellent reasons to add a few chocolate fondue recipes to your recipe book. Why not try one of these chocolate fondue recipes tonight?

Dark Chocolate Fondue
12 ounces Premium Dark Chocolate (chopped)
3/4 cup Whipping Cream
2 teaspoons Kahlua or other coffee liqueur (optional)

Over low flame, heat whipping cream until warm (DO NOT BOIL)
Slowly add the chopped dark chocolate while stirring
Stir until the mixture becomes smooth
Stir in liqueur
To Dip:
Strawberries, Bananas, Sliced Apple, Cubes of Pound Cake, Cubes of Angel Food Cake, Pretzel Sticks, Chunks of Pineapple, Marshmallows, Potato Chips

Mint Chocolate Fondue
1/2 cup Heavy Cream
2 tablespoons Peppermint Liqueur
8 ounces Semisweet Chocolate

Warm the heavy cream over medium low heat
Add liqueur
Grate the chocolate or break into small pieces and slowly add to mixture while stirring
Stir until the chocolate is melted

To Dip:
Candied Fruit, Pears, Peach Slices, Cubes of Pound Cake, Cubes of Angel Food Cake

Ecdysten for Your Health

Ecdysten having generic name ecdysterone is available under the brand name of Ecdysten. It falls under the anabolic supplement class. The main function of this dietary supplement is to increase the anabolism in a huge amount without affecting hormone levels. It is believed that this supplement was developed in late 80′s at ex-USSR. Its active ingredient known by the name of 20- hydroxyecdysone (ecdysterone) is extracted from the roots of Rhaponticum carthamoides. It has been very well populated and established that this dietary supplement possess strong anabolic effect in humans without showing any negative hormonal effect. In present time and culture the use of 20- hydroxyecdysone has become very common among sports and nutritional companies.

There are several clinical studies available which shows that ecdysten behaves like actual steroids but does not raise any undesirable side effects. Its mechanism of action is by increasing nitrogen retention and protein synthesis at cellular level. The raise amount of nitrogen retention stimulates the muscle growth and burn fat as much faster as 20 times as compared to no increase in nitrogen retention. It is available in the tablet form particularly in package size of 100 tablets (5 mg of pure ecdysterone) and its normal dosage is of 2 to 4 tables 2 – 3 times a day after meal.

The major concern while taking this supplement is to avoid caffeine containing products such as tea, coffee, cola or chocolate. Generally it is not recommended to take this supplement by pregnant women. Lactating mothers should not take ecdysten as it can affect the infant. It should be stored in air tight container and out of reach of children. The suitable temperature of storage is below 30 degree Celsius away from extreme heat and moisture. Keep away from light.

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Thandie Newton’s new beauty website who is it for

Early last year, makeup artist Kay Montano published an interview with British actor Thandie Newton, in which she spoke for the first time about forgoing relaxers (chemical straightening) and letting her hair grow out naturally. The response was immediate. “I got more hits than I’ve ever got,” says Montano. “It was on the Today show on US television. I got asked to go on to the BBC to talk about it. And all these beautiful comments from readers! That’s when I realised – there’s something here.Beauty can be used to make you feel better about yourself, instead of worse.”

From that single piece – and an eight-year friendship that started when the two women met on a shoot for Vogue magazine – came an idea for a wider project. The result, 18 months later, is the website ThandieKay.

But is this site, created by two mixed-race women, a response to the largely white-dominated media that pushes a certain aesthetic over others? Not exactly, says Montano. “It’s not a ‘mixed race’ site. We’re not going to exclude anybody.” She sees the site as a sort of Rookie magazine, the popular American online magazine for teenage girls created by fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson, but with an older readership. “In America, there’s a strong – I wouldn’t call it a subculture, it’s somewhere in between subculture and mainstream – culture online.”

ThandieKay may not be specifically a destination for women of colour, but the hues of the women on the newly launched front page suggest it will be a more obvious celebration of difference, something more inclusive than your average beauty site.

When I ask Montano to expand on what the site is about, she asks me what my background is; my parents are Nigerian. “So you’re a ‘first-borner’, like Thandie and me,” she replies. “You’ve got parents born somewhere else.”

Her father is from Trinidad, while Newton’s mother is from Zimbabwe. “But we had different experiences of being mixed-race in this country,” she continues. “Thandie grew up in Cornwall – her parents met in Ghana – with her little brother, and there were no other black people around.” She thinks that the experience worked in Newton’s favour: “She has a heightened awareness – you don’t have the luxury of just being able to instantly belong.” Montano herself grew up in west London: “In the 1970s and 1980s, nobody of colour or mixed race could grow up in a better place,” she says. Despite being called racist names in her overwhelmingly white primary school, she says: “In my experience, everyone was reflected when I was growing up. I was post-’black is beautiful’.”

She feels that things have got less inclusive over the years. “For me personally, now in my mid-40s, and in the fashion industry and being hyper-aware of media and manifestations of women, what I notice now, what I feel is lacking is what I grew up with,” she says. “What bubbles up to the surface in a media culture like ours is only going to be the most bland and ordinary. Unfortunately, anything that is ever so slightly minority just doesn’t get reflected. Women come in all shapes and forms and all of these things are on the same bar, and one is not more important than the other.”

In addition to tutorials, the site will include beauty Q&As. “People can give a lot away in such an intimate space,” says Montano, as well as features. They have spoken to Oscar-winning Pakistani-Canadian director Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy and Orange prize-winning Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

ThandieKay is an attempt to reclaim the beauty mantle from those who label it as silly or frivolous. “Beauty is the Trojan horse,” says Montano. “The whole idea of beauty as a ritual has been completely taken over by the idea that you’re just doing it to attract men, or to look younger, or that you’re buying into regressive ideas, or that you’re not a feminist. It’s a lot of baggage. But men do it, animals do it. We’re not going to get into the arguments, we’re just going to present ideas.”

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Learning Beauty Tips Is Easy Should You Follow The Tips Below

Regardless of skill or knowledge, you can become enthusiastic about beauty. Ignore much of the things you hear online or see on tv. There is actually to being beautiful than being precise. The subsequent article will provide many strategies to help you in your journey to some more beautiful you.

It is possible to highlight your eyes to make them look bigger by using dark mascara. Use disposable mascara wands for eliminating clumps and additional mascara from the outer edges from the eyes.

Apply Vaseline in your eyebrows before bed. Each day, your eyebrows will probably be shinier and smoother. Just be sure you don’t spread the Vaseline of the epidermis around your eyebrows, simply because this can encourage breakouts.

Sometimes our beauty is interrupted from a skin blemish say for example a pimple. You are able to quickly get rid of it by putting toothpaste upon it. Let it sit on for about ten minutes. This ought to drastically reduce the appearance of the pimple.

Using eye shadow and liner are good ways to help your vision look vibrant and standout, however when your eyes are bloodshot and unhealthy looking, your time and energy will likely be useless. Stow away eye drops in whatever bag you will be carrying. You will certainly be thankful to possess them when your vision scream for respite from staring at a pc screen or perhaps a day in the blinding sun.

The most important improvements that you can do to your skin start from inside your body. Drink the right amount of water your body needs every day. Water hydrates skin and naturally removes toxins out of your body, which action serves to increase the clarity and attractiveness of your respective complexion.

Anytime you use shimmer, it’s crucial that you lightly put it to use and only apply it in the locations where light will almost certainly hit it. Putting it in which the light will hit it creates a good glow effect. Any time you use highlighter, apply it to the bigger parts of your facial skin, together with your brows, nose, and cheekbones. After that, work with a single layer of powder to set it.

Don’t fall under the trap of defining beauty based upon what you see inside the media. Decide what beauty ways to you. Keep to the tips presented here to create the the best in your organic beauty according to your own personal definition.

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Reclaimed wood flooring imparts elegance and classic beauty

Apart from the environmental implications, reclaimed wood flooring has far more advantages when compared to floorings laid from newly hewn wood. The maturity of the wood imparts it much strength and durability making it a preferred option for laying floors. And the cost that you incur on the old matured wood is minimal. As you get them from some places where they are perhaps of not much value, you can get these woods at cheap rates. With little modifications, re-sawing and polishing, the wood is ready to fit into your floors. These reclaimed wood pieces can be reformed into a variety of designs. And treating used wood pieces special techniques improves their shine, which in turn results in elegant flooring. The reclaimed wood flooring has antique beauty giving an essence of past era.

Heart pine flooring is done from the wood portions extracted from the middle of the pine trees which becomes most sturdy and durable as the tree mature. Due to these properties, it is highly sought for flooring works. Though heart pine wood is hard and tough, it is easy to work on. Also, it is easily available and reasonably priced, making it all the more desirable for flooring in houses. The luster that comes with sanding it is just brilliant. People find its knotty appearance quite elegant and classically beautiful; its amber tinge makes it look refreshing. The heart pine enhances the beauty of your flooring. No matter, whether yours is a modern or old-fashioned cottage, reclaimed wood flooring of heart pine looks magnificent in every sense.

If you have been dreaming of heart pine flooring for your home, then reclaimed heart pine flooring is the right choice. Because the beauty of this wood will never get out of fashion, it has strange a character that makes it shinier with the passage of time. You can just log on to find the leading dealers who specialize selling it. You can even fix a meeting with a dealer to discuss the design and style of flooring. Or look at the catalogues of designs to choose from. So what is the wait for, go for it now.

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